Witness / Eyretel
Witness / Eyretel

Witness/Eyretel  Systems  (Now Verint)

From call centers, to regional and departmental office operations, and through to the main enterprise, Witness/Eyretel Systems has come together - creating a leading global provider and innovator of the Voice Logging industry's broadest  enterprise hardware and workforce software  solution set:

  • Quality Reporting and Agent Monitoring 
  • Digital, Analog and VOIP recording
  • Data and Speech  analytics
  • Agent Performance management  tools
  • Call Center and General Workforce management
  • Learning and eCoaching
  • Customer feedback management
  • A full range of professional support, maintenance and consulting services


The program gives you the ability to capture and analyze customer interactions, which will help improve your workforces performance. Optimize service processes and uncover important business trends. You will be able to discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior patterns. With the Witness / Eyretel software platform you'll have the power to make the right business decisions. You will be able to ensure custmoer service. You will also be able too achieve continuous performance improvement across every aspect of customer operations.

ABsystems and Select Communications has been a VERINT-MERCOM/Audiolog partner since 1995. We have over 50 years  combined experience with support for the Audiolog and Witness 360 products. Find out more about how to put Verint's Witness Actionable Solutions to work in your organization today!

Here are comparable products to the Witness/Eyretel

Here are comparable products to the Witness/Eyretel

BUILD YOUR OWN ANALOG VOICE LOGGER SYSTEMStarting at $795: Building your own analog voice logging system is not as difficult as you might think. By utilizing your own PC and purchasing the needed PCI cards you can save thousands of dollars and have a system to record your phone conversations.
Comvurgent SD Secure Digital Telephone Call RecorderIt’s a breakthrough in price-performance and functionality for the user wanting to record telephone calls on a single line/telephone. It has many of the features available on advanced PC based systems and also allows you to transfer recordings to your PC for playback, archive and management at your convenience.Our SD Recorder is ideal for small/home based businesses and individual users in a business/corporate environment. With over 340 hours of storage on a standard 2Gb memory card, the SD Reco
Comvurgent's Xtension Recorder Desktop Digital 01Recall every conversation using the power of your PC > All of the Digital recording connectivity solutions use powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground breaking prices.
Personal Call RecorderDigital Performance Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Record to a hard drive or network server for reliable storage. Automatic Operation Voice activation keeps all your calls organized in time-stamped directories.
Revcord RC VOIP IP-Recording ServersWhether you require full time recording for liability purposes or selective recording for quality control, The RC VOIP offers a diverse suite of recording interfaces and options to support your digital, analog or VoIP environment.
Revcord RCAT Analog Recorders8 Channels- 96 Channels of Analog Recording. All new AR series multi-channel recording system has made a change to the history of digital recording. Most of telephony recording systems you see out there at the market are built on industry-based computer with several voice-recording cards. They are often taking huge spaces and pricy which result a big gap for non-business consumers.
Revcord RCDCMS-Digital Set Tap RecordersThe model RCMCS is a rack mountable server that features dual hot swappable 320 gig hard drives with Raid 1 (mirrored recording on the hard drives) and dual hot swappable power supplies for added redundancy in a Rack Mount Chassis. This model is intended for applications in which voice recording is critical and where even the remote possibility of one call being missed could have unacceptable consequences.
Revcord RCDT-Digital Set Tap RecordersThe model RCDT was specifically designed and priced for smaller and medium sized business applications where price is of primary consideration and redundancy is not a critical requirement. The model RCDT features a tower chassis, 320 gig hard drive, combo DVD drive, and the option of backup to a USB hard drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

VEC Products DLI ProductsDLI products Comvurgent Intelligent RecordingComvurgent Intelligent recording

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